About - Erik Norrhede
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Hi I’m Erik Norrhede!


My name is Erik Norrhede, I’m a Swedish 22 year old 3D and motion artist living in London. My biggest passion is to create digital art and I always spend time learning new software and trying to find new techniques for achieving the visuals I carry around in my sketch book.


I got my first job in the industry as a junior motion designer at MPC in central London. I worked there for about a year and a half before April 2017 when I became a full time freelancer.


Job inquiries or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.




Selected clients


Gullers Grupp
United Screens
A Day’s March
Events on Demand
Volvo Cars
Svenska Kyrkan
Angereds Närsjukhus






Cap & Design, issue #1 2017


2015 08 – 2017 06
Digital Media Creative @Hyper Island, Stockholm
Hyper Island is a world renowned school focusing on digital media. We focus on entrepreneurship, post production, team building, leadership, self-development and we question everything.


2012 08 – 2015 06
IT-Design @IT-Gymnasiet, Gothenburg
IT-Gymnasiet is a school focusing on IT, technology and design. I focused extra on digital creation, photography, animation and webb design.